Top 50 Cartoon Theme Songs of All Time

Captain Planet's Lonely Hearts Club Band

You will be a better person for watching these.  (The only rule:  currently active theme songs aren’t eligible.)

50. Spiral Zone

Bonus points for: Extreme wailing guitar.

49. Rainbow Brite

Short and sweet.  Bonus points for: Slightly flat singing.

48. The Legend of Zelda

The highly regarded video game franchise with the lowly regarded cartoon adaptation.

Worst Catch Phrase Ever Bonus Video:

47. Street Sharks!

Bonus points for: Coining the term jawsome.

46. My Little Pony

Bonus points for: Excessive creepiness.

45. Transformers

This theme song? More than meets the ear.

44. Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers

Decent song.  Plus it’s rad when Monterey Jack smells cheese and goes cuckoo.

43. G.I. Joe

A real American Hero… made in China.

42. Lady LovelyLocks and the Pixietails [VHS]

Slight deduction for: Song over end credits, talking over opening. Give us some music up front, Miss Lovelylocks!

41. Fat Albert

Hey hey hey!

40. The Smurfs

Pumpernickel pickle!

39. Thundarr The Barbarian

Bonus points for: Excessive exposition (2000 years pass during the opening explanation!) plus the rip-off factor.  This manages to basically steal the name from Conan the Barbarian, most everything else from He-Man, plus the light saber (Sun sword? Thundarr, please.) from Star Wars.

38. Pokemon

Bonus points for: Sweet harmonies.

37. She-Ra

Bonus points for: Fabulous powers.

36. Pac-Man

Bonus points for: Being excessively faithful to the original game.  Power pellets, dude.

35. Count Duckula

Bonus points for: Excellent use of Vincent Price copycat.

34. New Kids On The Block

Bonus points for: Celebrities morphing into cartoons.

33. Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

Bonus points for: Thundering across the stars to save the universe from the Monster Minds. Jayce searches for his father to unite the Magic Root and lead his Lightning League to victory over the changing form of Saw Boss. Wheeled Warriors explode into battle – Lightning Strikes!

32. Hong Kong Phooey

Sublime covered it.

31. Ren & Stimpy

Actually just an awesome song.

30. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Bonus points for: Real celebrity voices.

29. The Adventures of David the Gnome


28. James Bond, Jr.

Yes, that’s correct.  He’s James Bond, Jr. but the original James Bond is referenced as his uncle.  I believe it’s a George Foreman type situation.

27. The Jetsons

Weirdly similar to the Simpsons theme.  Slight deduction for:  Not originally airing on Saturday morning.

26. DuckTales

Bonus points for: Swimming in a pool of gold coins.

25. Spider-Man

The Ramones covered it.

24. Mister T

Bonus points for: Concise lyrics.

23. The Flintstones

Fred Flintstone – the Archie Bunker of the cartoon world.  Slight deduction for:  Not originally airing on Saturday Morning.

22. Rugrats


21. George of the Jungle

Bonus points for: Righteous drums.

20. Heathcliff


19. TaleSpin

Bonus points for: Recycling a popular character from a completely disconnected series.

18. Popeye the Sailor

Slight deduction for: False advertising.  As a kid, I was pretty disappointed when spinach didn’t instantly give me huge muscles, and subsequently, the ability to maim the other kids of my choosing.

17. Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Slight deduction for: Song over end credits.

Crazy Kid Bonus Video:

16. Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos

Bonus explosion for: Excessive repetition of “Chuck Norris,” celebrity morphing into cartoon, and a real celebrity voice.   (Plus Uncle Phil did some of the other voices.)

I can’t believe this is real Bonus Video:

15. Extreme Dinosaurs

These are not normal dinosaurs.  They are 100% verified as extreme.

14. The Pink Panther

Sweet jazz.

13. Beetlejuice

Awesome Danny Elfman song.

12. Dangermouse

Short, sweet and fantastic.

11. Darkwing Duck

Let’s get dangerous.

10. Dinosaucers

Bonus points for: “From out of town” and “the secret scouts.”

9. Sonic The Hedgehog

This might be the hardest rocking one of them all.  You will be singing it for the rest of the day.

8. Alvin and the Chipmunks

These guys took tight harmonies to a whole new level.

Real Voices Bonus Video:

7. Underdog

This one builds to an epic peak.  Plus Rza sampled it.

6. Muppet Babies

These little muppets rode a Beach Boys style melody to the top of the Saturday Morning charts.

5. The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

Mario and Luigi introduced hip-hop to the cartoon theme world.

4. Inspector Gadget

Bonus points for: Concise lyrics.

3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Catchy melody + engrossing origin story + a party dude = Cowabunga.

2. Jem

Truly truly truly outrageous.

Jem Girls Bonus Video:

1. Scooby Doo, Where Are You!

Four decades of kids can’t be wrong.

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